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Jewel-Chests and Caster Bases are now available directly through Swift River Wood Products!

Tim Brown, of Swift River, has been a furniture maker since 1976. He brings exceptional craftmanship to the Jewel-Chest and Caster Bases.

As Jewel-Chests are a custom made item, please contact Tim directly at Swift River to place your order. Make sure to mention "Jewel-Chests" to Tim so the measurements will match the JewelSleeve.

THREE or FOUR drawer units and caster bases are available.

Pictured below: The 4-Drawer Jewel-Chest available from Swift River. 


Shown in three stains from left to right:
Early American, Honey, and Natural

3 Drawer Jewel-Chests measure: 18" deep - 21" wide - 27" height
4 Drawer Jewel-Chests measure: 18" deep - 21" wide - 35" height

Email: [email protected]

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