Welcome to JewelSleeve


The Jewelsleeve has been informed by our manufacturer that the machine that makes our Jewelsleeves has run it's course and is simply no longer able to make the Jewelsleeve.

It cranked out a few million Jewelsleeves over 24 years!
Unfortunately, to repair or replace this custom machine would be astronomical and just not economically feasible at this time.
So it is with great regret and sadness, that the Jewelsleeve will be no longer.
Thank you all for supporting The Jewelsleeve for the last 24 years. There simply would be no Jewelsleeve without you!
There are a limited number of Jewelsleeves remaining in stock and will no doubt, run out quickly - So in the spirit of fairness, please limit your order to a maximum of 300 Jewelsleeves per customer.
If your order is placed after we sell out, you will be issued a refund.
So, where are the big sales?
The last production run of sleeves required extra personnel to keep the aging machine in check - and to prevent the materials from shifting during assembly - The sleeves were virtually made by hand which doubled the labor cost. The prices listed on the website are the final prices.
Thank you all once again for your years of support and we'll see what the future brings. Onward and upward!
Joe Goldberger